"I spent so much time dreaming ‘bout Eleanor Bron."

Thank you, Jack.
Daniel Johnston - Life In Vain
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[attg]'s right — best not to look at all.

And, from the New York Times:

"A surprise loss for the Liberal Democrats in Montgomeryshire, Wales, where Conservative Glyn Davies has defeated the incumbent Lembit Opik, who was almost as well-known for his romantic life as for his work as a member of Parliament. The son of Estonian immigrants who settled in Northern Ireland, Mr. Opik found himself in the tabloids when he dated a member of the Cheeky Girls, a Transylvanian pop group whose big hit was "Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)." Nick Robinson, a BBC analyst, described the loss as "an asteroid," a reference to Mr. Opik’s warnings about the threat posed by asteroids."

"Foreground / Canon in D Major"
Interactive Remix / Mashup
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Liz Phair - Cinco de Mayo
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Justin Bond in Apartamento Magazine
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"But maybe we don’t do hits."
PC: Alyce Foster